Bags Class Re-Certification Event

Friday 11/3: 3:30pm, EBF SPRT
Saturday 11/4, 2:30pm EBF SPRT
Friday 11/10, 3:30pm EBF SPRT
Saturday 11/11 2:30pm EBF SPRT
What: EBF Trainer Certification Event

Get Re-Certified for the BAGS Class Series

Join us at Everybodyfights Seaport | Boston for our re-certification event. Class is free for any certified Everybodyfights Trainers.

Work with George Foreman III and the EverybodyFights team of certified trainers to master your bag class fundamentals and learn new cues and movements.

To attend, shoot us a email below. This event is free for current students.

Questions? Email